Spot's new Seattle office will be on MTV Cribs "startup reboot"

April 1, 20221 min read
A.J. Forkner
A.J. Forkner
Customer success at Spot, here to help you launch a successful virtual office!
Get ready for this season of MTV Cribs! 

Millennials love a good throwback to the mid 2000's, so when MTV's Production team approached us about a new season of Cribs, focused on startup office environments, we knew it was time to get everyone back in the office.

Spot is excited to announce our new office that employees have access to 24/7 with the expectation of being in 5 days a week! We're excited to show you all the new perks of our office, including:

  • Costco snacks but all the good stuff is gone immediately
  • A constant whiff of microwaved fish throughout the office
  • A remote location not served by public transit

The episode to set to air on April 1st 2022, make sure to catch it on every single streaming service ever created!

We hope you realize this is a joke, as we are absolutely, 100,000% committed to making distributed work better than in person.

Come have a coffee with me! 

Want to try out our newest template? Check out the cafe, pictured above!!

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