Introducing Spot

Your Team, Together

Spot is the virtual hub for your organization– bringing the spirit and utility of being in the same physical office to a digital experience.

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Picture of a virtual office

Instantly create an always-on virtual space for your organization.


Naturally move
between rooms and conversations.


Reduce team friction and increase engagement.

Screensharing on a monitor

Be productive, together

Easily share multiple screens, stickies, images, and documents. It's as easy as dragging and dropping.

Floorplan editor

Make it your own

Use an existing template or build from scratch. Everything is completely customizable from the floorplan to the furniture.

Invite dialog

Built for the web

Engineering and optimized specifically for a web experience. Anyone can join instantly with just a web browser.

Setting statuses

More than just meetings

Meet in realtime and stay connected afterwards. All the accomodations of team chat and statuses built directly into the workplace.

A small office floorplan

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