Announcing Our Seed Round

September 20, 20222 min read
Announcing Our Seed Round
Gordon Hempton
Gordon Hempton
CEO of Spot

SEATTLE– Today, next-generation communications platform, Spot, announced $5.5M in combined Seed Round funding led by Freestyle and additional investors, including Liquid 2 Ventures, Community Access Fund, and Founder’s Co-Op. The Seattle-based company was established by Gordon Hempton and Wes Hather.

Spot helps high-performing organizations communicate more effectively while enhancing team experience, building company culture, improving retention, and amplifying productivity. Teams can communicate within the platform using virtual avatars in a branded office setting while accessing a comprehensive team chat and video conferencing. Spot is a significantly more integrated solution compared to Slack, Discord, and Teams. The platform combines a uniquely personal metaverse experience with enterprise-grade communication tools to provides a comprehensive solution to remote workforce challenges.

“Spot is bridging the gap between the in-person work experience and the static text-and-tile communication methods we see with remote workforces,” states Spot CEO and co-founder, Gordon Hempton. “We know the future of remote communication will be more immersive, but it also needs to be accessible. With Spot, anyone with a web browser can instantly access the service and take advantage of a more engaging experience for their distributed team. We believe that companies can leverage this type of technology to drastically improve the work experience today.”

With Spot, organizations can easily build their own virtual customizable workspace that reflects the company's brand and culture. Team members can host meetings, share screens, collaborate instantly, or start a conversation just by interacting with the avatars in the space. Communication is organized with channels, threads, direct messages, and reactions seamlessly integrated into one easy-to-use solution.

“There was an influx of “metaverse adjacent” technology companies in the past year, but we saw something different with Spot,” noted David Samuel, Partner at Freestyle. “Spot is the only business-critical metaverse platform in which real organizations operate today. We’re seeing real tech adoption, with many teams switching to Spot as their primary communications tool. We think Spot’s hybrid approach, which combines the benefits of the metaverse with the ease of legacy communication tools, will fill a crucial corporate gap in the future of work.”

Spot is used by teams from companies including Google, Apple, GoGlobal, Change State, and more. The company plans to use the funding to double down on Spot’s technical capabilities, expand the team and attract more users.

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