Spot Holiday Additions Are Here!

December 1, 20224 min read
Spot Holiday Additions Are Here!
Graham Ralston
Graham Ralston
Operations at Spot

We are finally in December and it's my favorite time of year, not because of all the holiday music, mulled wine or cheesy Santa pics, but because we finally get to deliver all of the holiday stuff (spaces, items and clothing) we have been working on for the past few months.

We have a ton of new and exciting holiday additions that will help jazz up your space and boost engagement with your team. Every year we try and make it better than the last so here is a little tour of our holiday additions to hopefully spark some festive inspo for your office.

New Holiday Templates

Introducing Gingerbread Lane, our most fun and cozy space yet. Featuring a maze, gingerbread hot tubs, ice skating rink and plenty of places to have fireside chats. Add a template to your Team with these instructions.

Our new Holiday Patio Party is the perfect space to throw an office party or work in. We have added in three low-key breakout rooms and plenty of places to sit and work.

Winter Environment

Nothing screams the holidays like snow, so transforming your environment to our Winter park is a great first step. Here is how to go about changing your environment.

Outside Additions

Build an outdoor fire to have a snowball fight or just a great fireside chat.

And don’t forget about Frosty!

Festive Lights

My favorite new additions this season are these amazing outdoor lights that can give your office a little slice of holiday magic. Hint: they sit best when walls are set 0.08 thickness, here is how to change the thickness of your walls.

Holiday Traditions

A Christmas tree, Kinara, and Menorah are great ways to show support for all holiday traditions celebrated this month.


Adding in some fresh holiday décor can really spruce up any office and this year we added the poinsettia to our holiday collection.


The holidays would be nothing without a warm drink or pastry in hand so stock up your kitchen with all the holiday favorites.

Let it Snow

Add in a “Candy Lever” to feel like you are working in a snow globe.

Ice Skating

Ready next week: See some ice? Grab some skates and use your W, A, S, and D keys to watch yourself glide on the ice. Protip: make sure you are not holding any wearables or the motions will not work. No scarves, giftcards  or drinks.

Gift Giving

Who doesn't love a cheesy white elephant gift? Our “Presents” now dispense a useless (sorry) gift card, scarf, or Santa hat.  These digital gifts won't end up in the back of your closet!

The giving doesn’t stop there because you can give an actual gift card by placing an embed URL into our Gift Card item in the world builder and then placing it on someone’s desk for them to pick up and then click on the link.

New Winter Clothing

Brrr.... It's cold outside! I don’t know about you, but in Seattle we live in puffy coats so why not bring them into Spot?

With our new holiday sweaters, you can be ready for any spontaneous office holiday party at the drop of Santa’s hat.

Pictured here is our co-founder, Wes, rocking our new flannel shirt paired with board shorts and no shoes for that holiday at the beach vibe 🏝️.

We hope this post gave you some good ideas on how to create a fun holiday season for your team! If you have any design questions feel free to send me an email

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