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The next-gen communication app for teams.

Spot is the complete solution for teams to connect, collaborate, and culture. Trusted by hundreds of organizations.
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Streamline the work experience with everything in one place.

Channels, direct messages, replies, reactions, and a lot more– all part of the same seamless experience.

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Feel like a team again
See who’s around and get a sense of what’s going on in the workplace. Have a conversation by just walking up to someone.
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Meet and Collaborate
Have meetings and collaborate with co-workers. Share multiple screens, embed websites, and get stuff done.
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Security & Privacy
Maintain security and privacy
Work knowing that your data is in a secure and private place. Control who can access what with a rich set of governance controls.
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Bring your team together in a way text and tiles can’t.

Great teams have great culture. Elevate the work experience with a one-of-a-kind digital workplace.

Create a sense of presence
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“Spot has transformed our business and the way we communicate. Being able to walk up to anyone’s desk and have a conversation with them, regardless of where in the world they are based, is invaluable and means we maintain our company’s inclusive culture where no one feels isolated.”
Anthony Senter
CEO @ SDWAN Solutions
Embed real-world business data.
Focus mode enabled, easily manage availability.

Build your dream workplace

Stand out in the distributed world with a completely customized space that represents your organization’s brand and culture.

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Build a free customized workplace in under two minutes

Over 8,000 custom workplaces have already been created.