Spot-Light Wednesday: Let’s have some fun! Virtual Fantasy Football Draft

08 September, 20212 min read
Spot-Light Wednesday: Let’s have some fun! Virtual Fantasy Football Draft
Graham Ralston
Operations at Spot

Inter-Office Leagues are popular in physical offices, why not keep the competition alive in a remote office? We are a day away from NFL kickoff which means fantasy football drafts are in high season. Spot doesn’t offer recommendations for your football draft (you wouldn’t want them based on my draft last night), but Spot is providing virtual venues to draft with your league! We ran our draft picks last night through Yahoo and leveraged Spot for our voice/video trash talk.

How to get started

Go to and click sign-up in the top right corner. You will be directed to this page where you can select the fantasy football template and your team name.

How to Invite your league

It’s not a draft unless the league is there with you! There are a couple ways to send an invite. You can send your friends a guest link that will expire with a time limit or you can make them a permanent member -- allowing for them to join up during the season for watch parties and trash talking on Sunday.

If your draft is still 4-5 days off you can select the “Event” invite and pre-schedule a date and time for your league to join up for the draft. We recommend everyone join at least 5 minutes before the draft to get used to the virtual environment before the draft kicks off.

How do you share your screen

Do you want to stream some sports while you draft? How about the live draft board from your league? Move your mouse cursor over the screen until the cursor switches to a finger. You can either click the screen to choose more options or select the small screen icon above the screen to share.

Once you select the option to share your screen we recommend you share a tab from your browser to stream your live draft. Other members of your league could share or stream a game on another screen during your draft or a future watch party.

We don’t have draft pick recommendations for you -- but if you experience any issues with your Spot experience, please let us know how we can help you.

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