Spot-Light Wednesday: Sales Use Case (Quick read)

20 October, 20212 min read
Spot-Light Wednesday: Sales Use Case (Quick read)
A.J. Forkner
Customer success at Spot, here to help you launch a successful virtual office!

Let's get straight to the point - here's 5 of my favorite features for Sales teams using a Virtual Office.

I'll spare you a long intro, but will also offer to host a team building & negotiation activity for you in your new office. See the end of this article for the details.

Pro Tips for a Sales Team using a Virtual Office:

1) Show off the dashboard you asked RevOps to build for you and the team.

Embed live CRM dashboards to the screens in the office

2) Build a Logo Wall - tie in a Spiff when meetings are booked or deals close with your named customers.

Celebrate by ringing the Gong or Lighting fireworks when a deal is closed 

3) Host an Enablement session in something less boring than a Zoom room.

Offices can be resized for larger gatherings 

4) Each desk pod has Spatial Audio, promoting natural conversation and knowledge sharing.

You can share your screen instantly, or grab a private room. 

5) Rooms and offices can be locked for private conversations

If you're interested in setting up a Virtual Office for your XDR, AE, CSM or Pro-Serv team, I'm happy to help. Drop me a note -, or click this link (no commitment) for access to the office I've shown. Need something more custom? Let's talk, here's my calendar.

I facilitate a fun team building and negotiation activity. It takes about 50 minutes, and can be setup for teams of 3 to 300. If you want to shake up your next team meeting with some new content, it's a great one!

Build a free customized workplace in under two minutes

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